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Remodeling the basement is a great way to add square footage to your home, especially if you own a ranch with exposure. This space; however, is not to be taken advantage of. We are constantly updating semi-finished basements that do not have anything unique about them. A big open room with carpet and drywall is just a waist of valuable space. On the other hand, theaters, rec. rooms, bars, wine cellars, smoking rooms or a suite for a guest is a better option. We will transform the open area and create personal space for your needs and desires. Multi functionality is always a great idea. We look at the space form an outsiders view, combining your wants with some simple space planning rules. A basement remodel will be one of your greatest investments.


Custom free standing pieces or elegant built in with any configuration and style.
The bar should have its own unique qualities different from your Kitchen, but with all of the functionality. Appliances are a must.

         Sink: Always something we strive for! And how about a dishwasher to go with it! Most people overlook this item. Think of this however… it’s about the same cost as the cabinet that would replace it and it holds twice as much! Most of our clients store their glassware and plates in them. Besides, if you are not willing to dirty dishes, you will not get the most out of your bar.

         Convection Microwave: This item will take care of all your cooking needs. It combines a microwave and an oven into one compact appliance. Whether you make a bag of popcorn or a pizza, this will impress you guests.

         Refrigeration: One piece or several pieces? Your needs will determine what kind and how many is needed. Some options are a full refrigerator, beverage cooler, wine cooler or ice maker. There are many options for several types of beverages.


A dedicated room with stadium seating or a multi-purpose entertainment space with a large screen TV or TV’s as its centerpiece. Many people love the idea of a screening room in their home that looks a lot like the movies. However, we are finding that more and more clients want to combine theater viewing with pool playing or sitting at the bar. All options are possible, simplicity it the key. Custom lighting and video solutions can be controlled from a single remote. We use a state-of-the-art wireless system that can control everything in your home via one remote with an onscreen display… again increasing functionality and eliminating clutter.

These are just some of our most popular products in common applications. Remember, anything is possible. Please contact us for further info.