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The evolution of plumbing products has been a great tool for enhancing the design of a space. The toilet does not have to be a white piece of porcelain; it can be matched to the sink, faucet or the style of the home. Some fixtures are designed specifically for clean-ability or sanitary purposes. Sanitation and clean-ability does not have to stop there however. Sure, everyone wants that elegant stone or slate shower that they have been dreaming of; however, tile and porcelain have evolved with peoples tastes. Because there are many sizes and styles to choose from, a successful design is guaranteed. With our design staff at your side, we can guide you into making the right decision while balancing form and function.


Natural Stone, Tile, Solid Surface and Insert
Many options are available for your style, function and budget. Steam showers are a very popular option. Create that spa like atmosphere in your home.


Tub Shower and Bubbler Tub
Space is the key. We have many different options that can fit all types of applications. If you need therapy, a Bubbler tub will be your best option. Heated air massages your muscles, with the touch of a skilled masoos.


Kohler, Grohe, Danze, Showhouse, Brizzo, etc.
Functionality and cleanability is a must! A good looking showerhead serves no purpose if it doesn’t shower you with rain-like droplets of warm water. A toilet can be a nice sculpture, but must also flush without waking everyone in the home. Sinks can be either vessel or undermount. There are so many fixture options. Let us find what works best for your needs.

Many other kitchen products are available. Please contact us for further info.