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The kitchen has greatly evolved from the room it was in the past. The kitchen is now the most dynamic room in your home with a variety of functions. We all use our kitchens in so many different ways. Some make gourmet meals for their families while others need to get in and out with a quick meal on the go. Some entertain for their friends, and some hold parties for professionals. It doesn’t matter how you use your kitchen, it only matters that the design functions for the way you intend to use it. With design, balance is the key component.


Our cabinets meet the standards of high-quality construction with endless options and are made to order.

• Dove-tail drawers • Full extension glides • Blum motion drawers
(anti-slamming) • Solid wood construction • And more

Semi-Custom – Seville Cabinetry:
Factory fabricated, Great quality, many options, limited wood species and finish options.

Custom – Pebble Creek Craftsman, Mertins Custom Cabinetry:
Local craftsman, superior quality, anything is possible – any wood species and finish, the difference is in the details.


Follow the above format for the rest of the page Everyone wants an easy to clean surface with great performance characteristics. Some surfaces are seamless, heat stain & scratch resistant and others allow the option for an under-mount sink. The trick in picking one of these surfaces is finding one or two of the characteristics above that you find important and combining them with the look and elegance that fits your design and personality. With our guidance this will be an easy worry free decision.

LAMINATE- Wllsonart Pionlte, Formica:
A great surface for the budget minded customer. With all of the new patterns and instillation styles, this product has greatly improved from the products on the past.

SOLID SURFACE – Cor/an, Glbralter, Starron:
A nice seamless instillation, many color options, anti slip low sheen, bacteria free.

NATURAL STONE – Granite, Marble, Limestone, Soapstone:
The talk of the town! Irs by far the most elegant of all the surfaces. Irs random pattern and dimensional look make it a great option.

TILE – Ceramic, Porcelain:
Many pattern options, great hardness and heat resistance.

OUARTZ – Cambria, Cesar Stone, Sllestone, Avanza:
The surface of the future man-made elegance! With the combination of natural quartz and acrylic, this surface wears like iron. Irs bacteria free, heat and scratch resistant … all combined with the elegance of natural stone.

WOOD – Butcher Block:
The popular cutting surface has now entered a new phase! Any species option, (cherry, mahogany, bamboo; etc.) exotic or domestic. A great statement piece.

PAPER STONE – Green Counters: A renewable resource made of compressed paper. Irs very dense and non-porous. A perfect option for the environmentally conscious.

SINKS (quarts, stainless steel, porcelain, acrylic)
The sink is the most used item in the kitchen. With a variety of materials and instillation types to choose from, there is always the ability to find a perfect fit.

Many other kitchen products are available. Please contact us for further info.